May 11, 2017

Countercultural for the Common Good: The Recent Cheltenham High School Events

You might remember that we started this calendar year with a sermon series entitled “Countercultural for the Common Good.” What does countercultural mean?  It means we’re different, and this for a simple reason:  Christ has called us to follow him.  So we cannot give ourselves to the American dream and its promise of the good long life.  On the other hand, but also because of Christ’s call, neither can we be isolationist or indifferent to our neighbors of the Easton Road corridor.  Instead, we are decidedly for the common good.

By Mark Moser on Loving our Community

April 27, 2017

New Life Ministry to Arcadia University?

It all started over two and a half years ago, as a group of local pastors from diverse churches met to pray together.  A discussion about Penn State Abington began, with all of the pastors voicing a desire to see a new gospel presence and loving witness on that campus.  Things moved quickly, and a partner was found in the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), a college ministry based in Pittsburgh and expanding to many campuses in the Philadelphia area.  Seven churches committed to support the new work, including New Life Glenside, and Spencer Golomb arrived as CCO Campus Minister to Penn State Abington in the fall of 2015.

By Mark Moser on A vision for New Life