Where were you in 1974? Many of you weren’t born yet. But in Jenkintown and Abington God was stirring the pot and bringing to birth a baby church we now know as New Life Presbyterian Church of  Glenside. If you are part of New Life Glenside, you are part of a church that has impacted the world, and the reality is that the impact is in the present, not just the past.

Forty seems to be the biblical timeframe for stopping to reflect and recommit. Think of Moses living in the desert for forty years to prepare for his mission, then later going up to meet with the Lord on Mt. Sinai for forty days—twice. It took the Lord forty years to prepare his people to enter the land of promise. Jesus was in the wilderness forty days to win the battle over Satan. So this is a great time to stop and retell the story of God’s grace poured out in the beginning and the growth of a remarkable church. But we need to tell the story in a way that propels us forward to the next chapter of ministry and mission. That is our goal for this year.

It is a great privilege for me to be able to serve the Lord through our church in this anniversary year. We are still gathering ideas and are forming a planning group. Please speak to Martha Cochran if you would like to participate. One firm date you should put in your calendar is October 26. That Sunday afternoon at 4pm we have reserved the Keswick Theater for a celebratory reunion.