April 29, 2015

Why is your life better with Jesus in it ?

An essay by Jason Peterson

Last Sunday was the membership class for students in junior and senior high school. It’s one of my favorite classes to teach. In our study guide, we’re reminded that membership has a long history dating back to when Abraham was called by God. It’s much the same today. We respond by faith to God’s rescuing us through Jesus Christ by saying ‘yes’ to the church which Jesus called His Body.[1]  It’s an amazing thing to see our students step up and say ‘yes’ to the church by making a public declaration of their faith in Jesus.

What I really enjoy, though, is the opportunity to hear the students’ profession of faith.  Prior to the class, I have the privilege of sitting of down, one-on-one, with every student. I ask the same question every time, “Why is your life better with Jesus in it than a life without Jesus?” Most students know the Sunday School answers about Jesus.  They can tell me that Jesus died on the cross for our sin and was raised again conquering sin and death. I’m always delighted to hear the gospel clearly explained by our students, but this question digs a little a deeper. What I really want to know is why they love Jesus.

The answers  shared  are as unique and personal as the student. What they share in common is a love for Christ and an understanding that He loves them. And isn’t this what we all pray for – that our kids here at New Life would never know a day where they don’t know and love Christ.

Of course, they don’t have all the answers. Following Jesus is a life-long journey. And, it’s a journey that we don’t do alone. We’re all part of the same body , the Church.  A few Sundays from now our students, along with other adults, will become members of New Life. They need people looking out for them. Will you pray for them, encourage them, and support  them along their journey?

Membership Sunday is also a great time to pause and think of our own relationship with Christ. So, I ask you, “Why is your life better with Jesus in it than a life without Jesus?” If you’re not sure who Jesus is or you just want to talk about your own relationship with Him give me a call.

[1] From Membership: A Guide for Kids and Teens Taking Membership Vow. New Life Presbyterian Church.

Jason Peterson

Jason is the Director of Youth Ministries where he has the amazing privilege of walking along side students as together we seek to know Christ and to love others. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in exercise and sport science. At age 15, he started working for Utah’s Hogle Zoo selling cotton candy. Over the years, he worked his way up finishing his career 20 years later as the Director of Development. In 2007, he came to Glenside to attend Westminster Theological Seminary, where he received his masters of divinity in 2012. It was during seminary that he first began volunteering with the youth in junior high. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the Lord was calling him to shepherding and caring for young people. He’s been happily fulfilling that calling at New Life since September 2009.

Topic: Living Christianly

On Sundays the church gathers to worship and bless one another. During the week the church scatters to show the character and convictions of Jesus to a broken world–this is living Christianly.