Mark Moser interviews Greg Raysor the newly hired Church Administrator.  Mark Moser (MM): Greg, after years of service in the business world, why work in a church…

MM: Greg, let’s start off with this.  Why work in a church?

Greg:  I have worked in corporate business my entire career. There is a lot of competition there; people always working for the next achievement. People are working to look good to the boss.  It’s a difficult place to support and encourage co-workers because of the need to prove your worth to the company.  I’ve always liked teaching, helping and encouraging people and through that being able to share my faith.  In the church environment teaching, helping and encouraging are part of the job description. Doing your best and helping others do their best is a great environment in which to work.


MM:  Tell us about Lynn and your family.

Greg:  I have been married to Lynn for 40 years.  We met at college and got married during my senior year. After college we moved into Roslyn and then 5 years later moved down the street into Upper Dublin. We have two children Christina and Stephen. Christina is a member here at New Life. I have two grandchildren, Ryan and Rachel Stokes.


MM:  What was your previous work before becoming the Church Administrator at New Life?

Greg:  My career started in retail marketing eventually becoming a store manager.  For better hours I studied computer programming and headed the computer department at Lincoln Investment Planning in Jenkintown.  I became their construction manager for a building renovation project and moved the company to Wyncote, after which I became the facilities manager, project manager and business support manager. After 16 years I left there and began working with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in Delaware in the Business Services division. Negotiating and managing service contracts for the conference center, food service, janitorial, landscaping and mail services as well as doing project management for the next 13 years. In addition to the ‘9 to 5‘ I volunteered as the technical director for the theater department at Upper Dublin High School.  I worked with students and adults to design, build and manage the sets for the schools’ productions.


MM:  Greg, how did you meet the Lord Jesus and come to believe in Him?

Greg:  I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school. It was there I learned about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the catechism and religion classes. My first and most meaningful introduction to Jesus was in 5th grade when Sister Saint Firminus put her face inches from mine and said, “Don’t you realize Jesus Christ died for you?  Why would you behave like this?”   I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I do know that was when I knew Jesus was my savior and I belonged to him. That started my personal relationship with Jesus that continues today. God provided many people to teach me more about his love and his involvement in my life.  I had a friend in a Methodist youth group that I attended with him. There was a Catholic Charismatic Group formed in my parish of which I was a member. In college a catholic priest held a bible study to show Jesus and the salvation story. Many more people and many more circumstances led me here but it all started in 5th grade.


MM:  Do you have a favorite part of the Bible?

Greg:  I do enjoy the Psalms.  Mr. Meyers, the music teacher in my High School would warm us up by having us sing a Psalm. It was not so odd to sing religious songs in a public school back in that day.  It is joyful to read a psalm and hear it sung in my head.


MM: What do you and Lynn like to do?

Greg:  Lynn and I like to travel.  We like to listen to books on CD together and discuss them and the only way we seem to be at the same place, at the same time is if we are traveling in the car!  We also enjoy being with our children and grandchildren and vacationing together gives us lots of time to be with them.


MM:  So what’s it like to take over for Martha Cochran?

Greg: There is so much to do and I don’t think I know the half of it! It was a blessing to have her train me for two weeks before she retired. It allowed me to come in prepared to do the job. There is so much to know that I’m sure I’ll be learning with each new question, season and event. The office still has many of Martha’s touches to it. Why change a very efficient set up? I do have my own pictures hanging on the walls but I didn’t move the nails so the pictures are in the same place Martha had hers!