New Life Missions

New Life Missions

New Life’s missions program reflects the church’s desire to Know Jesus Christ, and to Make Him Known so His name will be made famous in every nation,

Missions priorities and goals:

Involve as many church members as possible in world missions through prayer, short-term trips and regular contact with our missionaries.

Prayer: Join one of the church’s many prayer groups which pray for the missionaries. Get on the mailing list for one or more of the Missionaries to receive their updates and prayer requests.

Short Term Missions: To learn more about short term mission trips contact Kurt Wood, Missions Committee Chairperson.

Regular Contact: Support our missionaries in a thoughtful, intentional way, recognizing that missions are a partnership. Continue to send long-term missionaries from our church family. We currently have over 20 New Life families serving as missionaries in 10 countries. Invest our financial and personal resources in missions.

Missions Support:

To request Long Term Mission Support download – DOWNLOAD

The Missions Mentoring Fund is intended for the encouragement and assistance of church members who are investigating a possible missionary vocation. It is administered by the Missions Committee. To request funds from the Missions Mentoring Fund download: DOWNLOAD

Use your computer to fill out the pdf form, and then contact Kurt Wood.

To access NLG Missions Committee Policy on Support Criteria for Indigenous Workers: Mission’s Applications are taken in July/August each year.