May 12, 2015

Protecting Our Children

Our church has a long history of taking seriously our role in protecting children who participate in our Children’s and Youth Ministries.  We consider it a joy to welcome children from infancy onward as a part of our church family, and to share with parents the obligation and privilege to instruct boys and girls in Christ.

By Marc Davis on Announcements

September 10, 2014

An Announcement from the Pulpit Committee

Dear New Life family, It is with great excitement that the Pulpit Committee would like to share with you the culmination of our long work. It is our recommendation to you, the congregation, as well as the Session, that Mark Moser be considered for lead pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church. Before the congregation can vote for and extend a call to Mark, he will need to complete a number of steps that we believe will prepare him for this role. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with as thorough a foundation of information as possible as you prayerfully consider the future of our church. It includes (1) our thoughts on why we have chosen Mark, (2) what steps he will need to take in order to be called as lead pastor by the congregation, (3) how we got to the point of considering him, and finally (4) the responsibilities of the congregation in the weeks to come.

By Matt McManus on Announcements

July 23, 2014

A Statement From The Session Of New Life Presbyterian Church Concerning The Retirement Of Dr. Douglas Green From Westminster Theological Seminary

In June of this year, Westminster Theological Seminary announced the “retirement” of Dr. Douglas Green, Professor of Old Testament. This was not a retirement due to age, and the announcement went on to clarify that it was, rather, the result of a decision by the Board of the Seminary, based on theological issues.  Specifically, the Board found certain aspects of Doug’s teaching to be outside the bounds of their theological standards, the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.  The issues were briefly summarized in the announcement.  Further details might have been released, but both parties chose instead to negotiate an agreement that would include Doug’s leaving his position at the Seminary, judging this option to be in the best interest of all involved.

By Steve Smallman on Announcements

June 11, 2014

Initial Remarks from the Pastors of New Life Presbyterian Church on the Announced “Retirement” of Dr. Douglas Green.

As many of you already know, Westminster Theological Seminary has just announced the “retirement” of Dr. Doug Green. This was clearly not a retirement due to age, because the announcement included an explanation of theological issues that led to this development, following a judgment made by the Seminary’s Board.   You can read the Seminary’s statement here. We are saddened by this news as we know many of you have been as well.  This affects us as a congregation, not only because of our great affection for the Greens, but also because Doug has served faithfully as a ruling elder for the last seven years. His service as an elder includes his vow to be in submission to the confession of our church, The Westminster Confession of Faith—and that is the very thing that the Seminary has judged Doug not to be functioning in agreement with.

By Steve Smallman on Announcements