Opening up the Word

These are “sidebars” to our sermons. Many worthwhile thoughts don’t get spoken on Sunday mornings because they aren’t part of the bullseye we want to hit. Here is our chance to pass along additional ways the Word spoke to our hearts.

February 9, 2016

Quiet Times in God’s Word

Greetings from sunny Florida. Sandy and I are enjoying a time away from the nasty weather that is so typical of February. But as much as we enjoy getting out of winter weather, I think what we most appreciate is time to read and reflect in a way that we don’t do when we are home. Writing that is a rebuke to me, because there needs to be quiet times in my day wherever I happen to be living. So my challenge to you as well as me is to make time during your week to hear from God in his Word and speak to him in prayer. We can’t “find” time, we “make” time for what is important. And this is very important.

By Steve Smallman on Opening up the Word

February 3, 2016

The Upper Room: Strength From On High

Easter is coming!  This is the season in which churches all over the world spend time in the Gospels.  In the recent past New Life has spent a lot of sermon time in Matthew, Mark and Luke, so it feels like the proper moment to turn to the Gospel of John!

By Mark Moser on Opening up the Word

September 3, 2015

The Ten Words

This week I have been working on a book of meditations on knowing God that will be reissued in January. They are based on Moses’ meeting with the Lord in Exodus 33 and 34. One of the meditations is on the Ten Commandments and I thought I would pass it along as a good summary of our series and an introduction to our series in Galatians. (Once the book comes out I will let you know—I hope many at New Life will find it helpful.)

By Steve Smallman on Opening up the Word